Elliott Wave Training

Are you looking to learn the Elliott Wave principle? Or maybe you already have some experience and want to find the ways to improve your skills better.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Elliott Wave Training

Are you looking to learn the Elliott Wave principle? Or maybe you already have some experience and want to find the ways to improve your skills better.

Rather than go through the old routine of courses, why not try and pick the brains of someone who has 1000s of hours screen time in "real life trading conditions" and made many correct calls using the technique.

There is a big difference between the technician that has studied the theory and the real life technician that uses the skill set he has learnt from hard work and 1000s of hours screen watching day in day out such as me.

As they say in life “real life” experience is where it counts.

There are many examples of my work on this blog, although you can pop over to the main website at:


I am sure whatever level you are I can improve your skills.

You may only need a single session to fine tune those skills you already have, or a few sessions and rather than me give you a book of notes and bore you to death.

We can do more practical aspects of Elliott Theory and work together to improve your skills.

We can speak one-one using Skype and work through some live counts here and now, not use past examples, although clean examples are very beneficial.

* Skype has the ability for clients to view my screen as a Web conference facility.

Course content to discuss:

1. Learn the pitfalls or what not to do, and when to get aggressive and when to ease back.

2. Use Fibonacci correctly.

3. Learn about the wave personality of each of the waves and what you should expect and what you should not expect.

4. Learn about stop placement and where to place stops.

5. Learn the little edges from an active trader who uses the art of Elliott Wave everyday.

6. Learn about the various corrections and when to avoid those patterns.

And many more secrets and techniques I have learnt over the years.

Each session is 60 mins long, and tailored made to the clients wishes, so if you have a certain area that you want to focus on we can hone those skills.We can use real live examples so you go away with some setups to take with you to use straight away.

If you are a beginner we can start from scratch but learn the "real" way the professionals use Elliott Wave.

Understanding the markets you are tying to trade needs to be taught from someone who has experience in real life situations.

This is not some theory from a book, that you can read from any book store or search the Internet, this is real hands on experience from an Elliottician such as myself , you cant buy that experience from a book store, someone who has made real time calls for his subscribers.

Simply click how many sessions you require and send me an email with your receipt from PayPal and we can make arrangements to discuss you course requirements.

*Special Offer*

Any client that purchases 3 sessions or more will have full access to the main website at http://www.wavepatterntraders.com/ for 2 months free, you will get to follow my work and watch as I put the techniques I teach to work and find trades for members.

2 full months to the main website is $100, so in effect you would be paying $150 for your lessons if you include the price of the 2 free months.

UPDATE: I am pleased to inform clients that i have now passed and hold level 1 Certified Elliott Wave Analyst (CEWA)

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