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Friday, March 29, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of GBPCAD

Update from the last post http://wavepatterntraders.blogspot.com/2013/03/elliott-wave-analysis-of-gbpcad.html

Due to the strength i have adjusted the idea to reflect what i think is a 5 wave decline, so currently its in a suspect correction, although this idea was not what i initially thought, i simply have had to adjust to what i see as the previous idea has been negated

I am looking for rejection in the target area around the 50-618 fibbo retrace area, then a strong reversal lower

A strong break above 15530 is a warning that the bears might have an issue to worry about

Elliott Wave Analysis of AUDCAD

Update from the last post http://wavepatterntraders.blogspot.com/2013/03/elliott-wave-analysis-of-audcad.html

Its working well atm, and we have seen a decent decline, although its still lacking enough gyrations for a 5 wave decline from 1.0716, so whilst it remains under the red line (1.0635) i think we should see a bit more downside towards 1.0500 to end an initial 5 wave decline, before we should see a better 3 wave correction

 Regardless now if the wave count gets negated, the trade is at break even, although i am still expecting a bit lower before a decent correction

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of GBPCAD

Staying under 15511 suggests more downside, its a similar wave count idea to GBPUSD, so seeing weakness in the GB crosses should suggest both pairs head lower

Although their counter party relationships USD and CAD, could play a part, but overall i am looking for the GBP component to weigh in more heavily

It appears to be in 3 waves from 15245, so i am looking for a complete reversal, and like the GBPUSD i was tracking the end of the ED (ending diagonal) and its reversed nicely on both GBPUSD and GBPCAD

Resistance at 15450, staying under that area will further support more downside for this pair

Elliott Wave Analysis of GBPUSD

The advance from 14831 is in 3 waves, so against the current down trend that is considered to be a correction, so the odds strongly favor once the correction is completed a new low under 14831 will be seen

Wave [c] appears to have ended as an ending diagonal  (ED), so staying under 15206 will keep the trend looking lower and what could be a "3rd of 3rd setting up

A strong break under 151 would help confirm that idea

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of AUDCAD

From the Feb 21012 lows, there appears to be a 5 wave advance, although its not exactly your average text book move, it still counts well for a 5 wave advance

Furthermore it appears to have ended on what Ellliotticians call an ending diagonal, with the late decline last week it suggests a peak as we have some decline price action on a 5 min chart to take with us into the market next week

So traders (members or non members) can use the last swing high as risk control at 1.0716, if you look carefully you can see a 5 wave decline, which is a great clue to confirm a reversal in place

Although its bounced in 3 waves, i am not 100% sure the correction is over, so its suggested that traders use 1.0716 as risk control and "Elliott hedge", so allow for a potential move to 1.0700

So stops at 1.0716 will take care of both ideas as the market may decline from current levels or from a bit higher

Non Elliotticians will note the potential H&S reversal pattern on both time frames, so another piece of simple analysis to support the case of a reversal

Disclosure: I am short with stops now at 1.0716, as posted in the swing trade setups forum.

Unlike many other services I trade the ideas i post in the forums, so i trade the ideas along side members

If an analyst presents an idea but would not trade the idea, then how can members be expected to trade the idea?

The larger term wave counts are reversed for members, so you have a decent trade setup regardless of the daily wave counts, so at least another move lower providing it stays under 1.0716

Friday, March 22, 2013

Other Elliotticians on Twitter

Some people on Twitter have asked me for recommendations for other Elliotticians on Twitter so they can follow

Initially when i first joined i made a note of the good Elliotticians, but one thing led to another and it ended up with me having a fall out with an Elliott Wave service that uses twitter, a conflict of interest

Another service accused me of copying their wave counts

It got to the stage where i thought "what the hell"(excuse my language), i am not following anyone, anymore

I don't need to follow other Elliotticians, i have my own skills, that's not trying to be elitist or big headed, its just the facts, and i don't want to be accused  of copying someones else's wave counts, i don't need that crap

All i can suggest is to type in "Elliott Wave" into the search bar and see what comes up

There are some good Elliotticians around if you take the time to search

But you also have to be careful and check them out 1st if you are going to follow their ideas, although i have noticed many services are posting "after" photos

You need to know where the idea is WRONG, if they cant answer that question RUN, RUN AWAY

I understand the marketing aspect of posting after photos, but i am not a fan of heavy marketing, i prefer to post ideas BEFORE the move and consult with others who are interested about the trade setup, regardless if they are a member or not, that way others benefit from the ideas

You should be asking them questions, if they are generally interested in helping others it should not be an issue

If they are only posting photo's and setups that have worked and not before photos, you are not getting to see when ideas go wrong, because you will get ideas go wrong, they are interesting in marketing more than helping IMO

Sadly Twitter has become a nasty place, and i try to avoid conflict now or communication with other Elliott Wave services, i just dont want any hassle now

Sorry i cant be of any help

If you are a fellow Elliottican, its nothing personal, but i dont want to have any more grief with any Elliott Wave services, so the best action is to not follow each other

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trial Offer

I am willing to offer previous or current EWI (Elliott Wave International) subscribers a chance to view my work for a full month, open all access, every market we follow.

Call it a good will gesture for all those that have fought the markets, and got punished by skills of Elliotticians that have no idea how to really apply Elliott Wave and respect what they really see, and not some thesis

If you can show me some sort of evidence that proves you were or are a subscriber, then send me an email to:


Some have wished to make a comparison, so here is your opportunity, i am more than happy to put my work against the "alleged best in the industry"

Note: I have passed their Elliott Wave course and IMO is worth as much as a chocolate teapot

My experience and skills come from "real time" application, you cant get that from a book

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of NIK-225

Since my last post: http://wavepatterntraders.blogspot.com/2013/02/elliott-wave-usdjpy-vs-nik-225.html

The NIKKEI as expected has pushed higher in what i suspect is wave 5 from the lows made back in Oct 2012

If we look closer, it appears we need a minor new high, although the wave [iv] of 5 might take on a complex formation and chop around a bit more before heading higher

From 11067, it still lacks the new high needed to complete a 5 wave advance, although wave [iv] might chop around, before heading higher

I would be surprised if we saw a truncation, but that is something we should consider, its come a long way of the back of a "promise" and i suspect the market has go ahead of itself


If we look at the same date the rally in the NIK-225 started, and count the USDJPY pair, we can see that too is suggesting the end to a 5 wave rally from Oct 2012 and an important peak is nearing for both markets

Note: there is a way you can label USDJPY completed, as shown in the idea in blue, so its a truncated high, a strong break back under 94.00 will suggest that idea, the Cyprus gap down held the key 94.00 area, so the bullish case for one last high is still valid, and potentially aligns with the NIK-225 pushing to new highs

Bottom line: In my opinion bit these markets are very close to a substantial reversal, the trade to be long these markets is nearing a conclusion, every man and his dog is long this trade and when a market or trend is too obvious and we can see a 5 wave move, its time for caution,

The USDJPY and AUDJPY may have topped already as on the last high AUDJPY put in a new high but USDJPY failed to follow AUDJPY, but the patterns on both pairs can allow for a marginal new high, but i strongly suspect if a peak is not in then it will be on the next high, or i should say i strongly suspect that to be the case, and thats the way i am trading it personally

Do you notice the RSI divergence? that's classic on a 5th wave, so that's some evidence to support our ideas

The Oct 2012 low is key for many of the JPY pairs as some pairs count well for a potential 5 wave advance from that low, the AUDJPY can be counted complete, the USDJPY would be counted with a truncation, but both pairs may or may not see a new high, but even so, it is my opinion that new high should if come is a setup to sell

I am bearish the JPY crosses and actively looking for a reversal to sell and looking for evidence to sell NIK-225 based on a suspect 5 wave advance from the Oct 212 lows

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of GBPUSD & GBPCAD (Short term)

Both GBPUSD and GBPCAD appeared last week to have traveled in a 5 wave bounce and i suspect a pullback in 3 waves would offer traders a setup for at least another move higher of similar length to the rally last week


I was looking at this pair as a possible clue to a low in GBPUSD

As GBPUSD was nearing 148 i suspect it would find buyers and GBPCAD appeared to be thrusting out of a triangle, and once we had 5 waves i suspected would align nicely for a reversal in both GBPCAD and GBPUSD

It could not of gone any better

So a 3 wave decline early next week should offer traders a setup to buy a dip in GBPCAD with a stop at 15245

I suspect a dip should find buyers step up around 15330

Target 156


148 was an area i was focusing on whilst it remained under 150, and sure enough it failed earlier to get back above 150, so the focus was for a low around 148, with the GBPCAD setup, it suggested that a reversal would be seen in GBP crosses

Sure enough that's exactly what happened, and like GBPCAD there appears to be a 5 wave advance, so a 3 wave dip to around 150 should offer traders a similar setup of buying the dip with stops at 14831

Target 15350

What was once support, should now be resistance, but still a decent upside move for the short term trader if it hits 15350 and a decent short term setup

Friday, March 15, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Oil (update)

An update from the earlier posts, you can scan the blog from the past week or so, they should be easy to find

Anyhow, we have arrived at the target zone and its worked out really well, its a corrective looking move, so I am looking for some sort of evidence to a strong reversal in this market

We want to see an impulsive breakdown, ideally under $92.00 will be the 1st clue, but as it stands this is still in grind mode, so its not a sell just yet

Presently this is now on "wait and see mode"

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Russell 2000

The Russell 2000 appears to have a better looking Elliott Wave count, and virtually aligns nicely with the previous post on the ES, so whilst its above 944 we should see a bit more upside over the coming few days

I suspect this is now in wave [v] from the Feb 26th lows and counting a 5 wave move, a reversal appears close but its messing a bit more upside

Elliott Wave Analysis of ES (short term)

Post taken from ES forum


You could label wave [iv] in place, although its far from what i wanted to see, that's one of the issues of 4th waves, they are nasty waves to trade, and this has been no exception

Corrections in general are a problem, and whilst i wanted to see a bit lower to offer us a buying opportunity, its simply refused to do that, so the setup never really came into focus

The idea in blue is a possibility, but it would need a decent decline today to revive that idea, and the odds based on the reluctance to move lower are poor

I suspect we have virtually no market players before the rollover, so this will probably chop around even more today and Friday for OPEX

When you see a market like this, i STRONGLY suggest moving away and literally just monitor the market, its not worth the time of effort, we don't want to burn ourselves out watching paint dry

Certainly try to avoid 4th waves unless you are a very experienced trader/Elliottician , but even i have got bored of this market, i will wait until the end of a 5 wave move to sell it aggressively

This is a great opportunity to move to other ideas and setups whilst it finishes off its pattern

With the DAX and EURSTOXX50 looking like they need a move higher in wave [v] for their respective patterns, this sure looks like its in wave [v] now

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of ES (short term) & DAX

The last few sessions have created some issues for traders, not only is it contract rollover week, we have diminishing volumes, this is normal before a new contract, and i have found over the years some big moves tend to happen just after the new contract is fully in place, although most traders have moved into the M contract now (June)

From last Fridays decline we have seen a nasty series of chop, and its not clear how this is shaping up, my initial reaction is a triangle, but that still lacks structure and wave [c] needs to come back to around the 1540ES area

If i had my way we would test1535ES, but this market is not exactly respecting what i am saying atm

It was working great, then me and the market had a fall out, errr whatever the reason we don't have a clear view just yet

I suspect its still working wave [iv], as when we look at the DAX we have a similar idea there, and its declined in a 3 wave move, so OK for a 4th wave pullback, as i don't have a breakdown confirmation i consider the market incomplete from the 26/27th Feb lows

We should still see a new high for a 5th wave in both the ES and DAX. Unless i see a breakdown under 1520ES, i still suspect this is a 4th wave in progress

The DAX would need a strong breakdown under 7830 to be a concern for the bulls

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Individual Elliott Wave reports

Are you looking for a report for one particular market or stock??

Subject to the data, i am offering bespoke tailor made reports for traders and investors that simply want an opinion on a specific market or stock

Each report is $25, although there is a discount for more than one report

You will receive a PDF report sent directly to your email address, with a detailed Elliott Wave report on the market that you have requested.

Included in the report will be a daily/weekly Elliott Wave count chart as well as a 4hr  Elliott Wave count, which will suggest what the next likely outcome of the market will be and what my thoughts will be over the coming weeks/months

Please allow 48-72 hrs to arrive in your mailbox

So if you don't see the market you are interested in, you can send me an email to enquires@wavepatterntraders.com, if i have the data i should be able to offer a report

Current markets that are available:




Plus many more stocks and other markets are available

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of USDJPY

We turned bullish back in Feb 26th and looking for a return to the trend, we were focusing on the 90.50 as a target for the correction to end, although it actually truncated and reversed a bit earlier than we originally throught

Whilst many were proclaiming the top in for this pair, we stood firm with our analysis and expected to see a move back above 95.00 as the decline was a 3 wave expanded flat correction, and the decline was a wave [c] of the decline

Knowing what the likelihood of the next direction based of the proceeding pattern is very important and i suspect many have been too quick to sell this market and subsequently got run over as the market has behaved as we expected it to

Fast forward and it has worked out really well, i wont spare you the in between as its irrelevant, but i still think this pair has a lot more upside and buying the dips is still the trade

Members have been on the right side of this move and at NO time have we even begun to think about selling this market

Its simply suicide to sell a strong trend like this, until we see a complete pattern or a breakdown of our support areas, we remain bullish as ever and i suspect this will test the 100 mark if all goes to plan

If you are interested in following this pair and many more, take a free trial for 4 weeks

Who knows you might even enjoy coming over to the dark side and learning a thing or two about Elliott Wave

The long term wave counts are reserved for members

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Oil

An update to the previous posting on Oil

See here: http://wavepatterntraders.blogspot.com/2013/03/elliott-wave-analysis-of-usdnok-oil.html

It appears we are still in correction mode, although we are pushing higher which is a positive sign

I still think we could push higher into the target band, but short term it looks like a 3 wave bounce which i think is wave [w] of a larger correction, so a small corrective decline for wave [x] would setup a move higher for wave [y]  into the preferred target area marked in blue

The alt is that the correction is nearly over, but with Copper and Platinum, looking incomplete (see below) thats a very low odds trade, and i think we have a very good chance of seeing higher, although in a corrective bounce against the 5 wave declines we have seen in PL, CL and HG

I am only very short term bullish and looking higher for a 3 wave rally to correct the 5 wave declines we have seen in Platinum, Oil and Copper from the Feb 2013 peaks

Elliott Wave Analysis of Platinum (PL)

Scanning some charts this weekend i came across this chart and it really struck out

Its a great looking text book 5 wave move,  it has some great fibbo relationships and a good example for any budding Elliott Wave enthusiasts to follow

What is even better is that to some that have access to this market (sadly i dont but i do have Oil and Copper i can trade), there is a great setup

We have a clear 5 wave decline, and i suspect that any 3 wave bounce will be a setup to sell at a later stage in a week or so

Short term it might be a small triangle, although being in a suspected [b] wave, it can and will likely have to be adjusted as [b] waves can take many forms, but the idea is simple

A 5 wave decline from the 6th Feb 2013 highs and now correcting that decline to around the previous 4th waves around $1620-1640 area but in a 3 wave correction.

Once you can isolate a 3 wave move and target where is likely to end then traders can start to look at the sell side for a reversal lower

When you overlay Oil and Copper you can see that from the Feb 2013 highs all 3 markets have decline in unison, so all 3 markets are technically likely to follow each other.

Oil is a bit ahead of Copper, and Platinum is on par with Oil, so over the next week or so the idea is for a push higher before a resumption lower

Friday, March 8, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURUSD

If we look at the basic pattern, it appears to be in wave [c] of an expanded flat, so, a small dip for a 4th wave then a new high will make it 5 up from the last swing low

 Now that maybe all of the correction or only the 1st leg, as it can be counted as an ABC, but only wave W of a larger WXY, so we would see a dip for wave X then push higher towards 133-134 for wave Y

But i suspect this has got a bit higher into the 13150 area for this wave [c], so watch carefully any new high for a reversal around 13140-13150

Elliott Wave Analysis of ES (short term)

Copied from ES forum


Because of the sideways junk, i am still not sure we are finishing off wave [iii], or just starting wave [iv] towards 1530ES

With the NFP out later, we could see it go both ways, but i think it still would see a pullback

If it spikes high it can end wave [iii], then see traders sell the spike for a move back to 1530ES

If wave [iii] is already in place, then we should see a spike lower from the NFP then traders should look to buy any dip above 1524ES for a move towards 1550-60+ in wave [v]

Only a severe breakdown under 1524ES would negate this idea

Until this moves away for this narrow range i wont have a strong clue to which idea, the NFP should help confirm where we are

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of USDNOK & Oil

I am looking for a pullback in 3 waves on this pair, although its not a pair i follow much, it was suggested by a member to watch as it has a close relationship with Oil

With a 5 wave advance in USDNOK and what appears to be a 5 wave decline in Oil (remember i posted the Oil and Copper charts over the weekend)

What i am looking for is a 3 wave bounce in Oil to align with the USDNOK pushing towards the 50% retrace around 5.600

That would ideally setup for a reversal as the trend is clearly down on Oil and, and with the next suspected move lower in Oil and Copper, based on the correlation between USDNOK and OiL we should see this pair rally higher

Furthermore you can also see its a decent proxy for the US$, so i suspect as USDNOK rallies the EURUSD pair will puke, which agrees with the idea of a bounce in EURUSD towards 133 and then setup for a move lower

Elliott Wave Analysis of ES (short term)

Copied from ES forum


A small decline to around 1532-1528 ES should setup another opportunity to add to longs or buy the dip, this is working out very well, so for now i don't have any reason to change the idea

We want to see a choppy decline, when i look at the European markets such as the DAX and EURSTOXX they suggests a small dip needed as well

Unless i see a strong breakdown under 1420, i am looking higher as i don't have any completed pattern from 1482ES

A market that keeps impulsing higher and correcting with choppy price action is a market that wants to go higher, we have no impulsive downside to be cautious about, the bulls are in FULL control atm.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of ES (short term)

Copied from ES forum


We can move key support now to 1516ES, as if this is in a 3rd wave then we should power higher in the European session and see a strong move from the European markets and gap up today on US stocks

An alternative idea shown in blue suggests a move back to 1497ES, although i would need to see a move under 1516ES before i would even consider that idea

Its hit the 1x1, so we need to be careful this is not a 3 wave advance from 1499ES, hence the warning and caution about a possible [b] wave, so if you are long, respect any strong breakdown under 1516ES

If we so see a breakdown, we can simply evaluate the markets after a move under 1516ES and see how it sets up, but for now, the bulls have the edge and a gap up here and strong European session will really punish the shorts that have not covered and they will get run over today if a 3rd wave

As i pointed out in the SPX forum, the FTSE is the most clear idea i see on the major stock markets and IMO is a clear clue and suggests more upside, which is why i am remaining bullish until it looks completed, or i see a severe break down

Monday, March 4, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of ES (short term)

With a clear 5 wave advance from the 1482ES lows the bulls are firmly in control above that area, although there is a couple of ways you can count this move

The preferred idea is in place and comes back to test the 1507ES area for a small expanded flat for wave [ii]

A strong break under 1505ES, likely suggests a move to 1495ES, although the preferred idea is valid above 1499ES, but in these sort of situations i like to "Elliott hedge"

What that basically means, because i am unsure of which idea, i will trade them both, so i will enter positions at 1507ES (25% of normal size positions)

The enter at 1492-3ES (extra 25%)

Stops need to be at 1482ES, i will add if the trade reverses to the upside and i am confident a low is in place

But the setup on both ideas remains valid as long as the bulls hold above 1482ES

With the decline from 1524ES looking corrective and in 3 waves, the odds favor the bulls, if the current decline remains as a corrective move, although i cant rule out a test of 1495-90ES

Targeting above 1550ES

Dangers of Elliott Wave

I have been to wanting to write this article for a while, having conversations with a few members, its a topic i feel very strongly about

When you follow someone on Twitter or even a blog etc, you MUST be careful about following an idea that someone has posted

"Pretty pictures" are nice and all, but they don't make you any $$$ as if they don't explain the setup, then they are worthless, you will note that i try to explain as much detail as i can when i post my ideas, this is the exact same stuff i post in the forums

As without a trade plan the idea is worthless

I see far too many Elliottticans or people that can count waves, post ideas, but no trading plan, i sometimes wonder if its to try and seduce followers into thinking that they are great artists, because without a trade setup the "piece of art" is worth as much as a chocolate teapot

If you see any of my work posted around, you are very welcome to ask questions, as if the owner of the "piece of art" can not answer questions, then its clear he/she had no intention of ever trading the idea

Virtually every setup i post in the forums as wavepatterntraders.com is something i would put my own $$$ to work on

I trade many of the setups i post, as if i would not trade them how else can i expect anyone else to trade them

Elliott Wave is very dangerous if you are not aware of where an idea is wrong and what you need to see

I see far too many ideas posted around the Internet, and my best guess is 50% are never traded, if the owner had no intention of every trading the idea, then i see little reason to post the idea

If you dont know where an idea is wrong, you are asking for serious trouble

It seems everyone is an "expert" at counting waves, but not many can actually trade the wave count correctly, there is a big difference

Just like a heart surgeon, would you trust someone who has no experience, or will you trust someone who has proven experience and made many calls in the public arena and correctly picked tops and bottoms, and trades the ideas they post

Its your call, your $$ at risk

Think about it

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Copper (HG) & Oil (CL)

Both markets appear to have declined in 5 waves, so i suspect a 3 wave correction to correct this decline should be close

The daily patterns on both Oil and Copper suggest far far lower prices over the coming months, and this 5 wave decline is just the start of it

You can see that Oil, Copper and even AUDUSD follow each other, so it don't bode well for AUDUSD and seeing 0.9200 is most likely going to be seen on AUDUSD over the coming months

Furthermore i suspect the Copper and Oil stocks in the FTSE and ASX will get hit once the markets really unravel to the downside

But for now it appears that we can see a bit higher in all 3 markets, i posted the AUDUSD idea earlier

This daily chart shows the correlation clear enough that its hard to be bullish on these markets over the coming months

I am VERY bearish on all 3 markets medium term

Interested in following our ideas, sign up and take the 4 week free trial

Elliott Wave Analysis of AUDUSD

Does this look familiar?

The insert has been taken from Frost & Prechters book

It appears the AUDUSD is setting up for a potential reversal as the recent price action is forming a potential wedge, which as the insert shows, should see a reversal to the upside

There is a risk point to the pattern as wave 5 of the ending diagonal can not be longer than wave 3, as the pattern is a contracting wedge, so the moves get smaller and the market is getting compressed and likely to break to the upside

Of course nothing is a guarantee in the market, but this is where knowing the risk control point can offer us a low risk trade

The risk point to the pattern is at 1.0132, thats the stop for the trade, if you look carefully you can see the positive divergence on the RSI, thats a good sign for the pattern and is confirming the loss of momentum

Now i want to show the range that this pair is trading, notice that this is coming into strong support at the 1.0200 area, this is simply in a 400 pip range, so if a stop is placed at 1.0131, the risk from here is around 70 pips at current levels.

If we can get a bit lower from Sunday, we could limit the risk even more, but i want to see this stay in the context of the wedge formation, NOT an impulsive breakdown, that is wrong for the pattern

Coming into a strong area of support offers us some more information that can help the setup and a potential buy side trade early next week

The target initially is around the 1.0400 area, but based on any upside move should help decide if a stronger upside move is possible

But i would be happy with risking 60 pips or so for 180-200 pips

Wouldn't you??

Good luck!!!

PS-  Do you notice how i am posting the setup BEFORE the move? I believe in full transparency, members see the bad trades as well as the good ones, most Elliott Wave services only show you the AFTER shots, so they are "selective" with the marketing of their services.

I don't think that is the right way, even if you are not a member but read my work, this way you can share the benefit's of my work, although i wont be updating this chart on the blog, you have a trade and you know the risk point

Only members will see the updates

You wont find many other services like us, open and transparent, warts and all, we trade the ideas we post in the forum, so we got "skin in the game"

I will very likely be trading this in my personal account as a swing trade, so members will be able to trade this along side with me