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Showing posts with label 4 week Free Trial. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Free Stuff Vs Paid Stuff

I had an interesting e-mail sent to me a few days back and it got me wondering how best to answer

The gist of the email was asking why i was not that active on Twitter as some others are and why i don't post more free stuff on this blog or twitter as a means of advertising

I thought long and hard over the past 2-3 days but i think i finally have the answer

I basically use Twitter as a means of advertising, as do i use this blog, most businesses use Twitter, face book and such for advertising, there is nothing wrong with it, as we live in a Internet world

But in order to advertise one must show his/her work, but i think there is a fine balance between literally posting all your charts and ideas and just enough for potential members to be interested in your work

I made a vested interest to respect my current members and simply not post massive amounts of charts and ideas

I am simply going respect the membership of the site and not going to post charts day after day for viewers to use for free

After all they are paying members and if i put myself in their shoes, i would be cheesed off if i saw loads of charts posted everyday for free when i pay for that privilege

Frankly i don't think its right, so there is going to be a fine balance between what i think is interesting to post or keeping for membership eyes only

There will be those that say well if you don't advertise then potential members will not be able to view your work

Well for those that are not aware, you can view my work at http://www.safehaven.com/ (search for Nouf)

As well as search for Wavepatterntraders at http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/

I try to post 1-2 times a week on this blog and occasionally post trading ideas, but frankly i am not going to go through the route that i have seen others adapt, and post loas of ideas for free.

Its none of my business how others run their site or membership, but i respect my members enough not to post loads of my ideas for free (the work they pay for the privilege to see)

If anyone is interested in seeing my work and ideas then they can join the site and take the 4 week trial.

Its been 4 weeks virtually since the start of the website, if anyone is truly interested then they have an option inside the 4 weeks to terminate for a no questions refund

So you can get to view my work for a period of 4 weeks for free, if you don't like it, simply ask for a refund inside the 1st 4 weeks

Then you can see if we are the real deal or not, or if my works suits your trading profile