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Monday, February 6, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of AEX

Scanning some of the European markets, i came across the AEX, which appears to have a text book looking Ending Diagonal setting up

Risk is the the red line as wave [v] can not be longer than wave [iii], the RSI suggests that of a signature of an ED

All in all this is a VERY low risk setup for a potential move back under the Sept 2011 lows

Imo that appears as a ABC advance to correct the previous decline that started from April 2011 highs

It would need something very impressive to kick in a Bullish 12 12 12 Wave count here

I dont know nothing about this market, but i know how to count waves and find low risk opportunities, and this is one right here

Under the wave [iv] of the ED is the 1st clue