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Showing posts with label Asian Markets. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of SPI (XJO)

I would still like to see that new yearly high above 5450 to complete this idea, i am not a fan of truncations and the ES (aka SPX cash market ) still have a set up that can see new all time highs, as does the INDU.

So above 5372, short term i will give the benefit to the bulls to rock it on higher and stick it to the bears.

Only a strong reversal would suggest a peak in place, but atm i don't yet see the evidence on this market or the US markets. for a peak in place.

I have a cycle chart that suggests a peak into the end of Nov early Dec on SPX.

That fits nicely with this idea of a push higher.

Alt idea is a small triangle (sideways zzzzzzzzz price action for a few more days).

If we do see a new yearly high, i am watching for a RSI divergence with price, that will be a good sign its a small 5th wave.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For the Attention of Australian & Asian Traders

I have been thinking about putting together a package for Australian and Asian traders, judging from the conversations i have had with traders from that part of the world, it appears that there is a lack of Elliott Wave analysis towards the Asian and Australian markets.

Although currently i do monitor markets like the Hang Seng, Nikkei and ASX. I also monitor some ASX stocks. They are not as frequent as my postings on the US and European markets, this is simply because most of the members are either US or European traders.
However if there is enough support i am potentially looking at putting together a package for Australian and Asian investors/traders.

So if you are an Asian or Australian investor/trader and have some suggestions can you please let me know what sort of markets you would be interested in.

Stocks as well as the main index markets.

As if i put together something it needs to be of value to any potential member.

Initially it will be free as i want to generate interest, so you can see my work 1st hand, then decide if it is of any benefit, but it would be on par with my other work.

Any ideas and suggestions can be forwarded to Enquires@wavepatterntraders.com

If you are interested in viewing this analysis, can you please let me know as i will add your name to a list and then setup an account for each member, should i eventually start something.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of Sensex

With the upside move above key resistance it appears that this market has morphed into a potential complex pattern, although confirmation of a breakdown will not come until back under 17256, with the fibbo targets now hit for a potential high, its time to be watching this market for a potential breakdown

As the advance still looks corrective, but the bulls are still currently in charge, a reversal around the 19000 area is the target zone, but this has hit the edge of the target area already, so caution is required for the bulls

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of ASX

Is this wave [iv]?, and setting up for a move lower in wave [v] from 4448, its been a great move for those that followed it off the ED reversal , but sheesh its been aggressive to say the least

I still expect to see 3800 (daily wave count) tested or lower. Until i see something to invalidate this idea i will stick with it, we should see sub 4000 tested to end wave [v]

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of Set 100 (Thailand)

I have been tracking this for a while as i have a few friends who invest in Thai stocks, i have suggested that they take profits and sit back

There is overwhelming evidence of a reversal now in progress, with a suspect 5 wave advance from the 2008 lows, and the last 2 weekly candles suggesting an important high now in place, this is ripe for a substantial move lower

My initial target is 1300, and back to the previous 4th wave, from there i will evaluate again

Elliott Wave Analysis of KOSPI

Looks like we are already in the next leg lower, pretty much nailed the top tick.


1550 target, as long as it holds under 2000 look lower

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of KOSPI

A quick update to the readers that requested this (i don't have any clue how to capitalize on this idea)

It appears know we have enough gyrations in place to consider this ready "locked and loaded"

If this idea is correct we are about to see a strong move lower, kinda in sync with my US and European stock market ideas

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of NIKKEI 225

Still appears to be in a long term Bear market from the 1990s, and i suspect still have a date with the 5000 area,

The Elliot Wave count i suspect is in the final stages of the larger [Y] although there is still some room to push higher 1st before what i suspect will be another big move lower

We should have no bizniz above 10K anytime soon

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of the Sensex

It looks like a potential low is in place, although i don't know the traits of this market, judging by the price action so far, its a strong move and has the right look for an impulsive move to the upside

From the 2010 highs there appears to be a correction fulfilled as the market has reversed off an Ending Diagonal (ED) and the upside is impulsive looking

When you scale down it further, is suspect we are ending a smaller degree 3rd wave and as long as we don't see a strong reversal below the red line, i think higher prices are looking more likely from here

From an Elliott Wave perspective, it looks a clean enough pattern to trade and buy into any corrective dip that suggests a 4th wave around 16800-16750

Off the Dec 2011 lows i suspect its in the early initial stages of a 5 wave impulsive