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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Before & After GOLD & GLD

Another easy idea, some members traded the actual Gold spot price, as we KNEW BEFORE where the idea was wrong. That was at $1365.92

Other members could have traded GLD, it made no difference the idea was the same.

The result speaks for itself.

Risk $9-10, Reward $40-50. Target was $1300-1310

Please note the price when the trade was presented to members.

Price now $1315, some members took their $$$ on Friday as it hit our target area, now looking for the next trade setup.

Job done, take the $$$ sit back and wait on the next idea.

Say no more, another simple easy trade for members, those that understand price and patterns are killing this market.

Still think we are not worth $15 a month??  (Price of the commodities package).

Oh well your loss, members will just keep making the $$$ while others keep losing it.

Before & After AUDJPY

Another simple, yet easy trade for members.

I even posted this trade setup on Stock Twits/Twitter.

See here: http://stocktwits.com/message/16951324

So it was presented BEFORE the move and i even explained the move , so it was a freebie for my followers.

Risk was to 93.65, if you look carefully there is a 5 wave decline into the lows near 92.70, so active traders could of locked in at least upwards of 50 pips, this is a short term idea, but i tend to encourage members to try and run ideas for larger profits and swing trade.

Staying 93.60 suggests more downside.

Still think we are not worth $30 a month?? (Price of the forex package)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Before & After AUDUSD

Another great decline that some members rode down.

Appears to have a bit more downside left 1st before a decent bounce.

Still think we are not worth $30 a month??

Before & After EURJPY

Another move that members caught.

We knew where we were wrong, the result speaks for itself.

Still think we are not worth $30 a month??

Before & After GBPUSD

I am not a fan of posting before and after shots i don't have nothing to prove. As long as members are making $$$$, that's all i am interested in, this week members are happy, so that's always a good thing.

It generally comes across as "boasting" and marketing, which if you know me i detest.

However it seems no matter what i do, no matter how many times we "nail it" at WPT, there are always going to be people that simply don't believe us , that we are that good.

So i have decided, i am going to start a "before and after section to simply prove that we do "nail it" week in week out, and its not just a "one off".

So yes by all means this is marketing, but take it as evidence of our abilities at wavepatterntraders.com

We are the "real deal" we can count waves.

Evidence provided forthwith and will do every week.

You decide if we are any good.

Members rode  this down this week.

Still think we are not worth $30 a month??