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Showing posts with label CAD/JPY. Show all posts

Saturday, November 17, 2012

CADJPY & USDJPY Elliott Wave Analysis

2 ideas we are looking at early next week.

With a suspect 5 wave advance on both pairs, Elliott Wave suggests that after a 5 wave move we should see a 3 wave pullback, however based on some larger ideas both these markets could be seeing a stronger break lower along with EURJPY

So the JPY crosses next week look like the place to be

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of CADJPY

Following on from the idea over the weekend, its reversed well as expected, overall i am expecting a test of 74.00 over the coming weeks

On the basis we dont see the highs made at 78.64 eclipsed

From those highs we have a 5 wave decline, and potentially now setting up for a move lower, providing the advance remains as a 3 wave advance

Looking closer it appears we are nearing some targets

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURJPY & CADJPY

Looking at these 2 pairs, there appears to be a great looking set up for a potential reversal.

I am expecting both these pairs to reverse if they remain as a simple 3 wave correction, as the triangle [b] wave is the key to this pattern.

So i am actively watching these patterns this coming next week

Friday, June 1, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of CADJPY

When you see structure like this, it really does not get much easier, to an experienced Elliottician[s], he/she simply knows with a level of confidence the next direction

Many claim that Elliott is only good after the event, the reason why traders think like that is they dont understand risk, and actual Elliott setups

Its about probability, putting the odds in your favor, using your skills to interpret what you are seeing

Before and after shots

You can see 5 wave declines and 3 wave bounces, the market is virtually giving you free $$$.

Until that changes the trend remains down , Show me a system that makes it that easy with rules and guidelines

I wrote this on 29th May

This is worth watching over the coming hours as it looks like a abc count against 78.64, ideally a bit high towards the 50% retrace around 77.80

I dont want to see this higher than 78.10/20, so we can keep risk tight here, although its not broken until its above 78.64, but i tend to get very cautious if a move is strong and pushes above the 61.8% retrace