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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of EEM (update)

Back on September 14th I wrote a post suggesting there was strong grounds for a decline
you can read that here:


So far its declined nicely as I expected it to, the bounce off the Oct 15th lows is very corrective looking, so I still strongly believe we should see more downside from here. once wave 2 is completed, wave 3 should take it back under the Oct 15th lows and target much much lower, initial targets are around the 32.50 area.

A simple way to play this idea is to look to buy the ETF EEV, as EEM moves lower EEV will move higher.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of EEM

The advance from the Oct 2011 has been a messy, corrective set of waves and clearly supports a corrective wave structure. There are some cycles that strongly suggest a possible peak.

The difference between the SPX and EEM is astounding, i am working a larger double zig zag, which appears completed. The impulsive decline argues for a potential peak, if any bounce is corrective and holds below the last swing high it will setup for more downside.

Bearish below 45.84.