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Showing posts with label EUR/NZD. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURNZD

I suspect this is close to ending a large 3 wave ABC, its met a measured target objective where wave C = A

If you look closely you can see a wedge shape, Elliotticians call that an ending diagonal

The 1st sign of a reversal is under 16550, once an ending diagonal, we should see a swift reversal, so i would wait for a break under the blue line at 1.6550 1st.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURNZD

I have been tracking an ending diagonal idea for this pair since Dec last year, and its slowly coming into a potential low, although it needs a bit lower 1st, but it could be a serious upside reversal if a low can be found on a new low.

I noticed many Elliottcians labelling the low already in place, but one look at the structure should have told you that it needed a new low for a larger ending diagonal.

Now that its coming into a potential low, this is one pair that swing traders can monitor

1st Dec 2012

27th Dec 2012

14th Apr 2013

Although wave [5] of C could push towards the 1.49 area, the min objective that would be needed is a minor new low, and it could be a major low as well

This is a trade setup for traders that have time and margin, although i don't track this pair that much, i do watch a number of pairs on a weekly scale for members

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EUR/NZD

Can we find a rally here for wave [c] of Y??

If would certainly look better to see a rally, so that the overall looks suggests it would more complete with a new high towards the Y = W target,but its not a pair i follow much, but it could have a great setup if a new high is seen

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EUR/NZD

I suspect this pair still needs a push higher, and that working wave [b] of Y, [potentially a sloppy correction or even a triangle] then one push higher in wave [c] of Y towards the target measured move 1x1 at 1.6532

There is a forced wave count that ended at 1.6394, but its not my favorite idea as there are parts of a forced triangle that are 5 wave moves, so going to look to new highs towards the target for now

When its finished it should be a great move lower, as overall this imo is a correction against the predominate trend

its got a corrective looking and channels well, overall its got the characteristics of a correction

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EUR/NZD

Following on from the previous postings on this pair, there is a potential to get long as we have what appears as a small 5 up from the last lows (marked in red) and against that low a correction now setting up to look higher, risk is to the red line

Monday, February 27, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EUR/NZD

Quick update to this idea, a great text book 5 Elliott Wave move and the expected reversal,

Currently it looks like wave iii off the highs, so expecting to at least see a small 5 wave decline, then should setup for a bounce.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EUR/NZD

Although this is not a pair i follow, i found this an interesting setup and could be a short term trade for aggressive traders, from the lows, it appears to be in a 5 wave advance, so i think a correction at lest is setting up and one that could be starting next week

It looks a great example of a text book Elliott Wave 5 wave advance

So i suspect at least a move towards 15850 in 3 waves or completely retrace the advance if this is involved in a expanded flat and see sub 156