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Showing posts with label EURO STOXX 50. Show all posts

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURSTOXX & CAC

Looking at the other 2 markets that track with the DAX, we can make the case of a potential 5 wave advance ending from the June lows.

Although its not as clean as i would have liked, the overall look is similar to the move we have seen on the DAX.

So i supect that we are close to reversing on these markets as well, although we have no real downside to suggest that. Currently the only market we have seen weakness is the DAX, so we have a divergence between the 3 markets in Euroland.


4100-4170 is a big area of resistance


We can clearly see the DAX is the weaker, so a divergence between the CAC and EURSTOXX, the CAC is the only market to make new yearly highs, the other 2 markets are below there respective highs.

Is the DAX leading?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of DAX, CAC & EURSTOXX 50

Short term there still appears to be some missing pieces to the advance, i suspect the decline we have recently seen is a small 4th wave pullback, so a new high would complete a 5th wave advance and a cycle from the 19th April low.

Unless we see something that really suggests an aggressive reversal, the odds still favor more upside before a pullback to at least correct the advance we have seen so far.

So ideally early next week we see further upside to make it a 5 wave advance on all 3 markets.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURO STOXX 50

From the Sept 2012 lows i suspect this is working a complex WXY correction, i am looking for a move into the 2600-2700 area although from the last swing lower some sort of 3 wave bounce is all that is required

Ideally it sees towards 2700 but that might be based on seeing the DAX near 7600 and the SPX near 1480

But once this idea is finished i suspect this advance is completely reversed and target under 1900

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of EURO STOXX 50

Following on from my last posting on Twitter, the market has indeed rallied as i expected it would, (after a 5 wave decline).

What i am looking for is a 3 wave bounce to correct this 5 wave decline, as that would offer a great selling opportunity to sell with controlled risk at the last swing high at 2494

So a move towards 2470 would be idea and align with some other markets, especially the US markets with a new yearly highs for some ideas we are working