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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (GLD) (Update)

A lot has gone on since my last article on GLD see here:


We found the low to wave 3 and looked for a bounce towards 120 for wave 4, as you can we pretty nailed that target for wave 4, whilst many were bullish at those highs we again turned bearish and started looking for wave 5 towards our 110 target which I have had for a while.

Again we found the low to that move and members were looking to buy at the exact time the world turned really bearish, so far that call has turned out to be correct.

The low so far is 109.51, considering we have been looking for 110 when GLD was at 129, i think its a great example of Elliott Wave used correctly.

Looking ahead we like the setup we have atm, whilst its above 110.90 I am still bullish, there is a strong bullish setup here if the market can hold around 113 - 114.50. A 3 wave pullback from the last swing high is a good sign and will support the idea of a strong rally higher.

Readers can look to buy the pullback against 110.90 stops. If the preferred idea works out, I think it could surprise most traders, just like it surprised most traders by rallying higher when it was at 110 back in November.

Are you ready to jump on the bull bus? It not too late.



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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Market Report: A Major Low in Gold?

It's been a while since I have written an article on Gold, but the recent price action could well be the very clue we have been looking for. I have been very bearish Gold for a number of years/months, month by month the market has slowly moved towards the $1150 target we have been looking for.
You can clearly see its not hearsay, the result speaks for itself, our target was hit this past week, whilst many Gold pundits have been trying to pick a low, we are wavepatterntraders.com stuck to our guns and kept looking lower, one by one the Gold bulls seem to be capitulating, as the market moved towards our long standing target.
We went into this week looking for a low on Gold, with sentiment so bearish it was the perfect setup for us to look for a low and buy those lows, whilst most traders and pundits were bearish we were very bullish and the reversal after a spike lower on Friday was the trigger we want to see to finish off the last few gyrations.
Puking Camel Gold Chart
Even CNBC got in on the act and posted silly charts, such it further supported the case to be looking for a low and fade the crowd, doing what we do best, finding low risk setups to make $$$.
So whilst CNBC was making fun of the Gold bulls, members were busy looking to fade the "puking camel" and buy. So far since posting the "puking camel" the market has rallied, time will tell if this proves to be an important low.
We got the reaction to the upside we wanted to see, we think there is a very strong case that wave A and the decline from the 2011 high is finished, although we are looking for any pullback to remain above last week's low. If so it will offer a get setup for more upside.
Readers now can look to buy any pullback that is in 3 waves and stick stops at last week's low, the risk is minimal now; the reward could surprise many that are anti-gold. If wave B has started, we are then expecting to see well above $1400, possibly $1600 over the next few months. We know we are wrong below last week's low.
Until next time,

Have a profitable week ahead.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (GLD) (Update)

Update to this post http://wavepatterntraders.blogspot.com/2014/09/elliott-wave-of-gold-gld.html

Currently the market appears to be in wave 3 of [5] (alt idea is in wave D of the triangle). A closer look suggests its in a smaller degree 4th wave, so a bit more downside is needed to complete wave 3. My guess is around 115-116, then set up for a rally back to 120 before continuing lower towards its long standing target of 110.

Based on some of the Gold stocks and Gold stock indexes a great buying opportunity is setting up. Sentiment is at its worst, no one is interested in this sector, yet we are are looking forward to getting long the metals and Gold stocks. we like to "buy em when no one wants em".

Contrary to what others think, we simply follow our script and look to get members positioned for the moves, Forget what the perma bears are saying, the trend is likely coming to an end soon, and a great opportunity to buy is at hand for those that can control their emotions and ignore the "noise".

Whilst everyone can fight amongst themselves we at wavepatterntraders.com will be getting members ready for the rally that is going to setup and surprise most traders.

The time to buy is when no one is interested, Elliott Wave is not perfect, but its closest thing i have found to perfection and a great tool that if used in the right hands is a tool we can use to get positioned BEFORE the move.

Interested in getting positioned before the move and making $$$.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

USDJPY Vs YM (Dow Futures)

The move from Oct 2011 is the most important chart to follow in my opinion, as i am still looking for a 5 wave completed advance in the US markets from the Oct 2011.

Overlaying the USDJPY against the YM futures we can see we have a high correlation, the thing to note is if USDJPY is ending a 5th wave from the Oct 2011 lows then it stands to reason that YM should also be ending a 5 wave move.Thus if both markets are now in a terminal 5th wave we should be very close to completing the cycle from the 2011 lows.

So it seems the more important chart to follow is USDJPY, aka JPY carry trade.

For those that have been in the markets will note that leverage works both ways, and once the leverage component of the markets reverses, nasty things happen.

I want to expand on the last Gold post. lets add Gold to the mix.

It still seem the markets are still linked the USDJPY (aka JPY carry trade). So one could reasonably come to the conclusion that until USDJPY reverses, we are unlikely to see a big reversal in either YM or GC.

Of course its never as easy as it seems, we may see some diveregcnes but there is still a high correlation between YM (US markets) Gold and USDJPY (JPY carry trade).

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (GLD)

This is an update to the prior posts (see blog).

Just to show readers that i don't always show the ideas that work out i am updating an idea that never worked out and to hopefully guide readers to the next direction of Gold.

The prior idea has been negated, so the question needs to be asked. Are we now in wave [5]? Or is it still in the wave [4] triangle? I cant say want to see this weakness so quickly, I would have preferred to see a better bounce then setup for a strong decline.

But the market always rules and we need to adjust and follow the market.

I have been targeting $1150 on Gold (17.50 on Silver) for a while, although how it got there was always going to be an issue, we have done really well with the swings on Gold over the last 12-16 months, although the last setup was a failed trade setup.

But rather than cry about it we simply need to adjust the ideas and try to understand where we are on our working map.

I suspect its still in wave D, although if Gold complete pukes under $1220 (approx 117.50-118 on GLD), I will likely concede that this is actually now in wave [5] and on its way to wards 110 which has been a long standing target for a while (Gold under 1150).

Once we see 5 waves from  the 2011 top, its then I will be come "raving" bullish, I have been one of the biggest bears on the planet, but if i see a completed 5 wave pattern from the 2011 highs i will be recommending that members start looking to buy Gold for a larger bounce. its then I will be turning bullish on a weekly time frame.

For now we are watching 118-117.50 for support to see if it buyers support the market, any bounce for wave E will likely fail around 126 before a move lower. A strong break of 117.50 will likely suggest this is already in wave [5].

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (GLD)

This is an update to this post:  http://wavepatterntraders.blogspot.com/2014/08/elliott-wave-analysis-of-gold-gld.html

The decline still suggests the move from 129,51 is in 3 waves, furthermore if you look closely we can see a potential "wedge". Elliott wave calls this pattern an ending diagonal.

What is needed now is a strong break above 123 to suggest a low. So conservative traders can wait for a strong break above 123 (1280 on Gold) before getting long, then stick a stop under the last swing low. Aggressive traders can look to buy (its got risk) stick a stop at 119.59.

I still like this setup, it seems no matter where i go many traders are bearish, it reminds me of the low into 119.43, bearish traders were caught offside back then and i think they could be caught off side now.

As always, it comes with risk, but the risk is small now compared to the upside potential.

Edit: This idea has been negated, so as traders we simply need to respect the breakdown and adapt, it offered a limited risk setup, but when you are wrong you are simply wrong.

New ideas have been posted at www.wavepatterntraders.com

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (GLD)

The move from 129.51 so far appears to be in 3 waves, (1345 on XAU/USD), as long as the move remain in 3 waves there is still a strong chance we see a move to target 130 again.

We have been using the same script on Gold for a few months and the range we are seeing still fits well for a large triangle which we suspect is a 4th wave.


At this stage i don't think wave E of the triangle is completed, if the short term decline from 129.51 remains as a 3 wave decline then there is still scope for a move back to 130.

The bulls need a strong break above 125 to suggest a move higher, short term a grind lower towards 121 is still possible but the bullish case rests on remaining above 119.43.

So it you are looking to get long Gold, then it maybe an idea to wait for a move above 125 first.

Overall i am still bearish and looking lower, but short term i am not convinced this is in wave [5] and targeting 110 or lower.

Although if we were to see 110 it will be a great buying opportunity, but i will worry about that later.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold

Post taken from the forum.


From 1324.60 this is not a great looking decline, so i am going to keep some options open, below 1305 is near term bearish, but there could still be a couple of other ideas that we need to watch for.

Above 1305 can start to suggest a move to 1315-1320 for wave [c] of a triangle, or even a move back towards 1325-1330 and a nasty short squeeze, in wave [y].

The key point i want to make, regardless of the move, the market remains bearish below 1345 on a 4h time frame, lets not forget the larger 5 wave decline from 1345.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold

Whilst many traders react to the news, we at wavepatterntraders.com react to the charts.

We don't care for the news, we only are interested in the reaction to the news. As you can see we had a great road map to use, nailed many turns on the way, whilst many were bullish at the 1340 area we were bearish looking for a reversal. Once it took out our key support at 1330, we knew then we were selling against 1338.

Members were given the map to use, we knew what to look for and where the idea was wrong.

Once again Elliott Wave nails the gyrations to the tick, Elliott wave in the right hands is deadly. Of course having an expert Elliottician sure helps things go along smoothly.

Its not perfect by any means, but as long as we know where we are wrong and it follows our script, we just keep doing what we do best, finding trade set ups for members to make $$$.

Does this sound like something that you are interested in??

Do you want to be on the right side and trade setups that give you a strong chance of success?

$15 a month gets you analysis like this of Gold, Silver and Oil.

Can you afford to be without it???

Below 1345 we are bearish and looking for more downside .

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Market Report: JPY Carry Trade Reversal?

In my last article I left readers with the potential idea of a peak in the US markets, although we saw a minor pullback, it was not the move or the initial decline I am expecting.

Although this minor new high in the SPX has caused me to adjust my wave counts a little, the thesis is still on track and I am expecting a large decline in the markets, in the early part of 2014.

Bearish Idea

S&P500 Weekly Bearish Idea Chart
Larger Image

I suspect this last spike we have seen over the past week is wave 5 of [5], so whilst it can push a bit higher I do think it's close to a reversal.

Read the rest here: http://www.safehaven.com/article/32234/market-report-jpy-carry-trade-reversal

Friday, December 13, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (via GLD)

The market continues to move lower towards our targets, whilst its causing frustration to many traders, for us its been a great ride. Members have continued to stay on the right side of the trend, either selling rallies or staying to sidelines until a trade setup presents itself.

Suffice to say i am quite proud of the way i have navigated the gyrations for members, as long as members are happy that makes me a happy person.

I am still looking for the 110 area but a new low under the June lows would technically complete the move. with some missing gyrations i still don't feel a long term buying opportunity has presented itself yet, although when the time comes members will be the 1st to know when i recommend we get long Gold.

Yes you read the right "get long and buy Gold"

What i find ironic is that i am now receiving mail telling me  i must be crazy to want to buy a "train wreck" (that was the best description i read)

Gold top

HUI top

I need to remind readers back in 2011 i was looking for a major top on HUI and Gold, i was getting the same sort of mail back then telling me i was nuts and crazy to be looking for a top,"don't stand in front of the freight train"  funny how sentiment has changed.

Now you cant find a Gold bull in sight (well apart from us). The lower this moves the more bullish i become.

When things are on sale in a supermarket, you see queues 2 miles long, yet when things are on sale in the markets, people run away. I never can work that out.

Decide if you want to be buying low when its nice and cheap. (subject to patterns and setups)


Follow the bag holders and buy high and sell low, its your choice.

Members of WPT will likely be buying when most are probably selling. But then we like to buy when no one want to hold them, and sell when everyone wants them.

As long as we come out on top its all good.


A look at GLD suggests the same idea as i am working on GC.

So a bit lower down towards 116 should end wave [v] of the larger wave 3 then setup for a bounce in wave 4 to around 122 before moving lower in wave 5 to under 114 and target the 110 area.

For now, continue to look lower under 120, as we are in a series of 4th waves, things can get a bit messy, i will adjust as needed ONLY if the current idea gets invalidated, but remain bearish under 120.

If this is the sort of analysis you are after then take a test drive.

For $9.99, decide if its right for you.

Sign up and put yourselves on the right side of the market, i cant promise you the earth, but i can promise you i will do my best to make sure members are on the right side of the trend.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Market Report: More Downside Likely in Gold

 Original article http://www.safehaven.com/article/31906/market-report-more-downside-likely-in-gold

Since my last report some 5 month ago see here: http://www.safehaven.com/article/30253/market-report-gold-to-go-to-700-or-3000 the market appears to have made its intentions of more downside.

This chart was in that article, and you can clearly see that our line in the sand was $1450.
I also wrote this:

"The bear case suggests the market is about to start to accelerate lower in what Elliotticians call a "3rd of 3rd", so we are unlikely to see a strong break above $1400-1425 and any bounce will be corrective and more downside is expected."

The actual downside was further than I initially thought, but the resultant bounce failed to get above our line in the sand at $1450 and subsequently rallied in a corrective structure, thus has likely confirmed the bearish case of more downside and a test of the $1180 area towards $1150, although I have adjusted the idea a little, I am still expecting a test $1150 before we see a stronger bounce back to the $1400 again.

Hopefully by the time we see under $1180 the media will be freaking out and probably have the likes of Peter Schiff on for a media appearance, maybe even mocking him. (Good sign that a low is near)
If you look back to the time when Gold put in the lows at $1180 the media did an interview with Peter Schiff and were mocking him for his Gold call.

When the media is in a state of panic and freaking out, when Gold bulls are being mocked that's usually the time a market turn is close.

Currently Gold is still on a sell on all time frames under $1293, there are a few ideas I am watching.

One idea is a triangle for wave 4 of [3]. I would need to see a reversal above $1293 to start to look at other options but suffice to say, failing to see a move above $1293 suggests more downside and target under $1180.

Whilst it's been some time since I last wrote about Gold. Members at WPT have been trading the swings as usual with some members making great profits, with the help of our Elliott Wave maps, it has clearly aided members, week after week members have known where Gold was likely going regardless of the FOMC meetings in between. For $15 a month some members have expressed it's the bargain of a lifetime.

Gold Daily Chart 2
Larger Image

Short term charts will need to continue with the downside from here, a quick acceleration would really scare many Gold bulls, and if I could chose I would like to see a scary spike lower and really "stick" it to the bulls, thereby pushing lower towards our targets under $1180.

XAU Chart
Larger Image

AUY (Yamana Gold)

This stock appears to be close to setting up for a buying opportunity, with all the negativity in the media and even on financial websites, it seems the love is almost gone for Gold stocks, that's the sort of negativity I thrive on and like to see when I am looking for a low in a market.

As they say, "you should be buying when you crying, selling when you are yelling"

Yamana Gold Cart
Larger Image

I suspect this is now in a final 5th wave and close to ending the trend that started from the 2012 peak. Having retraced over 50%, it's now that I think it offers a great potential buying opportunity.

I am closely watching this stock, when I think its close I will be informing members and readers of the Gold stocks news letter to the potential buying opportunity and set up. It appears that wave 5 could be a small ending diagonal (ED). If so we should see a small wedge, that's a great clue that the trend is exhausted and ready to set up for a reversal to the upside.

Gold Stocks Newsletter

I have been closely watching many Gold stocks for members; slowly I have amassed a large number that I decided to produce a report each monthly for members, which on its own can be purchased for $20 a month see here: http://www.wavepatterntraders.com/topic/1818-gold-stocks-report-gg-abx-nem-bvn-kgc-gfi-gold-hui/page__pid__53287#entry53287

It is however free and available for downloading to members of both the US stocks section and commodities section.

I see some great opportunities for both Gold and Gold stocks, whilst the trade this year has been sell Gold and Gold stocks, in fact anything Gold related, buy US stocks, I believe based on where the US stock markets reside and where many Gold stocks are with respect to their Elliott Wave patterns, things are about to get really shaken up and a complete reversal of the trade we have been seeing the past 12 months is going to be seen.

What I mean is we could see a complete 180 of that trade. Gold and Gold stocks move higher, US stocks and equities move lower.

Ask yourselves this question?

What is going to offer you value, GOOG at $1000 and near a potential top? Or any of the battered Gold stocks that are 50-70% off their peaks.

The situation we have in the US markets reminds me of the peak around the 2000 top.
SPX versus Gold and HUI Chart

If you look at the chart we can clearly see Gold stocks started their moves higher as US equities moved lower.

I strongly suspect we are setting up for something similar again. The situation we have today is completely different to what we had in 2008. Gold stocks have already crashed so they are limited to the downside, if anything, a move lower in US equities I suspect could ignite a move back into Gold and Gold stocks as a possible fear trade. It remains to be seen if that is the case.

I think the bulls are close to getting close to ramming their horns right through the buttocks of the bears. Based on the readings of their patterns, I think many of the Gold stocks are very close to setting up for some substantial and tradable moves.

Remember "It's always the darkest before dawn"

Dawn is fast approaching on Gold and Gold stocks.

Until next time,

Have a profitable week ahead.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (short term)

I have been working the idea of seeing $1240 for a few weeks, just after the FOMC was when i really started to suspect its a possible triangle

Although it needs far more price action to fully confirm that idea, based on the daily chart i suspect its working a complex 4th wave.

A triangle is a very common pattern, hence i got on board about 2 1/2 weeks ago and working the idea of a low around $1240 for a possible [b] wave.

The decline from $1433 is NOT impulsive, contrary what other Elliotticians are counting, its a corrective looking decline, although as we have been targeting $1240 it has made no difference as i have been advising members to to remain short this market.

Currently Gold is a sell under $1300, but the closer it gets to $1240 (our 1st target) then more cautious i become.

I have noticed sentiment has really tuned nasty over the last few days.

When this was at $1420 i suggested that this would be setting up for a reversal, much to the disgust of the Gold bulls that idea as promptly ignored..

Funny how it worked out quite well, when Gold was at $1420 all i kept reading was the "low was in" and say hello $1640 next stop.

I guess traders never spotted the 3 wave bounce from $1180 then?

I think the Gold bull bus must of derailed or something?

Which brings me back to my point about being cautious here if you are short Gold or bearish here.

Now i am reading targets of $1100 and $1000.

Funny how i never saw those targets when it was at $1420, yet as Gold has puked, the "late to the party" bears come out and get vocal, errrr where have you been?

If i am right about a possible bear trap, then i suspect its going to find support around $1240 and potentially surprise many bearish traders.

That's not to say I am uber bullish, but there can be a nasty move higher here for those that are now deciding to join the "short bus".

I still think this sees under $1180, but i personally don't think it will be a straight run lower, i think the market could have a few tricks left.

I would be very careful if you are short Gold as it approaches $1240.

As Gold approaches $1240 i am also watching Gold stocks via the $HUI.

We can see from the last swing high it looks like a 3 wave decline and getting close to support near $200-2010

If both Gold and $HUI stay as a 3 wave decline, that will support the idea of this being in a [b]
 wave and a possible bear trap.

When i look at $DUST, it reminds me of the peak on $DUST a few months again, the sentiment towards $HUI, $NUGT and $DUST is starting to get intensive, hence if $DUST stays as a small wedge/ending diagonal it is suggesting a reversal.

So if $DUST reverses HUI and NUGT should reverse as well

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Gold (Before & After)

A recap of before and after.

Back in August 2011 I wrote an article about Gold and how a top was likely setting up.

As usual, when someone makes a call that is against the norm, they get blasted with hate mail, the amount of abusive emails I got back then was off the chart. A good sign a top was close.

I have noticed over the years this behavior generally coincides with a major turning points.

This is what i wrote:


I thought I would start off 1st by doing something different and talk about something which I am sure most are looking for answers to and that's gold. Has gold topped or put in some sort of high?, whilst my work is about probabilities based of wave structure, I also have recognized a bull market when I saw one, as some Elliotticians have been calling the "crash of doom" of gold for a long time and failing to acknowledge the simplest of technical analysis and that of a simple trend going from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of your screens.

You don't need to have any Elliott wave counts to know that gold has been in a bull market since the lows made in 1999.

So the question which I am sure is on everyone lips is, has gold topped and about to see a substantial correction?

The concept of Elliott wave analysis is that there is a 5 wave move in a trend then a correction of 3 waves.
Looking at the Bull Run there appears to be a very substantial case that we could have a 5 wave rally completed.

The difference between previous corrections and now is that we have seen some substantial evidence to support that a top could be in place or on a new high.

Forget Elliott wave for a second, in fact imagine that you have no experience of the markets and you simply were asked an opinion of the market.

What would be the 1st thing you noticed?

I would expect the answer would be that the angle or curve and the fact it's gone near exponential to the upside.

History shows that previous moves like this end badly as the last of the buyers, buys into the move only to see it collapse as there is simply not enough buyers to support the move as it accelerates higher.

Gold has simply moved higher like all market do, there is more buyers than sellers, if we were to see a reversal of that and buyers from late on the trend decide they are scared and don't want to hold on to the losses they have, you could see a very nasty reversal, similar to what you saw on silver a few weeks back.

It's the same concept, like all parabolic type moves, they end nasty and I suspect this one will be no different, the $200 move we saw last week imo should be a warning sign to the bulls to start looking at an entry to potentially get out as you might see a substantial move lower and regret not taking profits.

Remember the $$$ is not your until it's banked in your account, it can vanish just as quickly as you made it.
Tops in markets tend to see these sorts of heavy reversals, then the bounce falls short of the previous high and then reverses and nervous bulls all try to get out of the market before the next trader, that's one thing that can never be second guessed, people's emotions play a huge part of the markets.

Some will argue that fundamentals play a larger part and especially on the gold market, but I will always say what I have always said, and that trends goes higher because there is simply more buyers and sellers, you don't need a reason.

Price tells you all you need to know, you don't fight a solid trend like we have seen unless it starts to show cracks, I believe we have we have seen such a crack last week in gold.

I could be totally wrong about gold and this goes to $5000, but if I am right and a peak is near then the bulls might live to regret holding on for extra pennies when the risk is not worth the extra gains, unless you truly believe that gold is going straight to $5000 from here or you are prepared to risk seeing potentially 20-40% lost.

When parabolic type moves reverse, they don't hang about as the flood of sell orders hits the market and there is a lack of support as the sellers outweigh the buyers, there is a lot of buyers from lower levels that have substantial profits, and if those sell stops get hit, that can cause a barrage of sellers to force the market lower to the next load of sell stops, that's simply how the market works, fundamentals don't matter when you have a rush of sellers looking to get out.

Looking at the wave count, the recent move I suspect constituents to what us Elliotticians call a blow off top as a 5th wave, commodities tend to have this characteristic for a final 5th wave. Whereas stocks tend to have a larger 3rd wave in a 5 wave sequence, commodities tend to see a larger 5th wave, you saw that back in 2008 with oil, and look how that ended.

The last move on gold has gone into parabolic trajectories and imo bulls should be respecting history as when markets go like this you simply have to respect what history shows us as a guideline.

Now as I previous mentioned, when markets go like this they can run higher than most think, but there comes a point when you see the cracks and I suspect we saw such a crack last week.

I won't go in too detail too much with the near term ideas, as that is reversed for members, I have done a lot of work on gold this weekend and explain what I am looking for to members, we could have a decent trade setting up on the short side.

I will just say this, if you still long gold it might be an idea to take some profits off the table, watch the market very closely from here for a failure to make a new high, or just push to the previous high and a rejection, as a topping formation has these sorts of characterizes and humans never change, and they make the waves that us Elliotticians count.


Getting back to today, that caution appears to be have been warranted, much to the disgust of the Gold bulls.

I am expecting much lower price targets for Gold, the failure for Gold to get back above $1450 is a clear sign the market is in a bear market, and one that that i think lasts for much longer.

Forget QE, forget the end of the world trade, the ONLY thing that pays is price action.

The Gold Gurus are selling you worthless junk, yet people still continue to flock to these charlatans, WHY!!!

Gold retailers are like car sales man, they are simply trying to sell you something, they don't care about your wealth, they only care about selling you something they can make a profit on.

Decide if you want to make $$$ or lose it.

The same old line, " protect your wealth", or inflation is coming. you need to protect yourselves from these Gold Gurus, thats what you need to do.

Silver is over 40% down from its highs, Gold 30%

 Tell me how that protected you?

What about Gold stocks, errr i don't even think i will bother explaining that lol

These Gold junkie Gurus are selling your something, open your eyes to the scam.

They are selling worthless fear in subscription fees, so they can live an easy life while you suffer.


Do you want to know where Gold is likely to go?, sign up for $15 a month I WILL TELL YOU with a unbiased approach.

I will tell you what to look for, and where the ideas are wrong.

Members of my site have rode most of this move lower, and at times stayed away.

We buy and sell at the right times when it sets up, NOT because of some silly Guru telling us the end of the world is around the corner.

I am not part of the Gold clique, i think with my brain.

Don't you think you owe to yourselves to align yourself with something that is clearly working?

Back in Jun 2013 i wrote an article explaining what the bulls needed to do to revive any possible chance of a move to $2000+  read it here:


The fact it could not get above resistance at $1450 now suggests the bullish case is dead and over the coming months/years we should see $700-600.

Remember I called a peak in August 2011and warned many Gold bulls to get out. I warned members to get out of Gold stocks and Gold, as a big reversal was setting up.

Over the past 2 years i have kept both bullish and bearish options on the table, but the fact the market cant get above $1450 negates the bullish idea.

From the article above i was looking at the bounce into $1400-1425 as i wrote i was expecting a move higher, when most were bearish i was bullish.

I was then bearish as most were bullish in to the Aug 2013 highs.

I posted this chart on Twitter which suggested caution for the bulls.




When i realized it was ONLY a 3 wave bounce, i knew then i needed to stick a fork in the bullish case.

"The bear case suggests the market is about to start to accelerate lower in what Elliotticians call a "3rd of 3rd", so we are unlikely to see a strong break above $1400-1425 and any bounce will be corrective and more downside is expected"

Pretty much nailed that bounce don't you think? the bounce failed to get above $1425

A bounce in 3 waves is bearish.

Do want to ignore me again?

Think about it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gold Stocks Report: GG, ABX, NEM, BVN, KGC, GFI, GOLD, HUI

Do you want to know where Gold stocks are likely going to go next?

Sick and tired of getting burnt?

Are your frustrated with not knowing where the market is going?

Are you a long term investor that needs some guidance?

Then the Gold Stocks report is just for you.

Its a simple PDF report that will be mailed to your email box once i receive confirmation of your purchase.

It clearly explains where i think the mentioned Gold stocks are likely to be going over the coming months/years.

This is your road map for the future.

I will be also be updating the report in 3-6 months, so you will get the next report at a reduced rate, simply email me the receipt of your purchase.

With Gold stocks suffering for 2 years, understanding the next likely direction, could  save you $1000s on your portfolio as well as make you $1000s.

Knowing when to buy and when to sell is the key to success.

Stocks included are: Gold Corp (GG), Barrick Gold (ABX), Newmont Mining (NEM),

Compania De Minas Buenaventu (BVN), Kinross Corp (KGC), Gold Fields (GFI), Randgold (GOLD) and analysis of the $HUI.

I have also added additional analysis of $SSRI $XAU, GDX and  Harmony Gold (HMY)

I usually charge $25 for a detailed report for any stock or market but i have combined a number of regularly followed Gold stocks to offer Gold stock investors a report that i think all investors should be reading.

To order, click the "buy it now" Gold stock report link to the right, once i receive payment, i will send your report within 24hrs.

It may just be the best $20 you ever spend.

Considering the "experts" have been horribly wrong on Gold stocks, why not try someone who "nailed the HUI high back in Sept 2011.

To prove I nailed the high here is the chart i posted to members on 09 Sept 2011



NB: Labels withheld, they are included in the report.

I recommend to members get long DUST.

Is the high in?? or do we need one more high, the trade is use options or buy DUST like i am planing on doing, going to be a great move, if that long term chart i showed a few days back works out.

A few members sold all their Gold stocks on my recommendation (after much persuasion), as well as getting long Dust, they came away with smiling faces. The best $20 they ever spent (that's the price of membership per month for US stocks Gold stocks are included in that package).

The rest is history.

Members if you are reading this, you can send me an e-mail i will forward the report at no charge, the report is free to members of Wavepatterntraders.com
Here is a bonus chart that is included in the report, the rest of the report is similar.

Gold Fields (GFI)

Monthly Chart

This appears to be in wave C of a larger [B] wave, currently it also appears to be in wave 5 of wave [3].

So a new low should finish wave [3], then set up a move higher in wave [4] towards $7.00 before a new low for wave [5] of the larger wave C and end a 3 wave decline for an even larger wave [B], then set the stage for a multi-year rally over the coming years.