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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gold Stocks Report: GG, ABX, NEM, BVN, KGC, GFI, GOLD, HUI

Do you want to know where Gold stocks are likely going to go next?

Sick and tired of getting burnt?

Are your frustrated with not knowing where the market is going?

Are you a long term investor that needs some guidance?

Then the Gold Stocks report is just for you.

Its a simple PDF report that will be mailed to your email box once i receive confirmation of your purchase.

It clearly explains where i think the mentioned Gold stocks are likely to be going over the coming months/years.

This is your road map for the future.

I will be also be updating the report in 3-6 months, so you will get the next report at a reduced rate, simply email me the receipt of your purchase.

With Gold stocks suffering for 2 years, understanding the next likely direction, could  save you $1000s on your portfolio as well as make you $1000s.

Knowing when to buy and when to sell is the key to success.

Stocks included are: Gold Corp (GG), Barrick Gold (ABX), Newmont Mining (NEM),

Compania De Minas Buenaventu (BVN), Kinross Corp (KGC), Gold Fields (GFI), Randgold (GOLD) and analysis of the $HUI.

I have also added additional analysis of $SSRI $XAU, GDX and  Harmony Gold (HMY)

I usually charge $25 for a detailed report for any stock or market but i have combined a number of regularly followed Gold stocks to offer Gold stock investors a report that i think all investors should be reading.

To order, click the "buy it now" Gold stock report link to the right, once i receive payment, i will send your report within 24hrs.

It may just be the best $20 you ever spend.

Considering the "experts" have been horribly wrong on Gold stocks, why not try someone who "nailed the HUI high back in Sept 2011.

To prove I nailed the high here is the chart i posted to members on 09 Sept 2011



NB: Labels withheld, they are included in the report.

I recommend to members get long DUST.

Is the high in?? or do we need one more high, the trade is use options or buy DUST like i am planing on doing, going to be a great move, if that long term chart i showed a few days back works out.

A few members sold all their Gold stocks on my recommendation (after much persuasion), as well as getting long Dust, they came away with smiling faces. The best $20 they ever spent (that's the price of membership per month for US stocks Gold stocks are included in that package).

The rest is history.

Members if you are reading this, you can send me an e-mail i will forward the report at no charge, the report is free to members of Wavepatterntraders.com
Here is a bonus chart that is included in the report, the rest of the report is similar.

Gold Fields (GFI)

Monthly Chart

This appears to be in wave C of a larger [B] wave, currently it also appears to be in wave 5 of wave [3].

So a new low should finish wave [3], then set up a move higher in wave [4] towards $7.00 before a new low for wave [5] of the larger wave C and end a 3 wave decline for an even larger wave [B], then set the stage for a multi-year rally over the coming years.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

DUST: A classic case of Elliott Wave at work

Do you remember the euphoria as DUST was hitting the $160 area?

You could not go wrong buying DUST, its was a Gold mine (pun intended)

Well just a little bit of Elliott Wave Knowledge (or follow someone who can count Elliott Waves correctly) would have saved those bag holders from blowing up their accounts.

Sadly this is common place, investors and traders never learn their lessons, and boy did the DUST bulls learn a lesson.

I posted these comments on the 26th June

"When i look at the Bear ETF, it too looks like a 5 wave advance, so argues for the same evidence that HUI is close to a reversal"

I posted this chart to members before the reversal, the structure was suggesting a reversal was setting up and subsequently i was expecting a reversal in the HUI (HUI and DUST trade inverse to each other)

Dust gave the bulls a 2nd chance to get out, but many fell for the "trap" around 143.

Currently it stands at $48, that's account destroying stuff if you never used stops.

Its already hit my 1st and 2nd targets, these leveraged ETFs are dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, but equally are a great tool for making substantial $$$, for moves such as this.

This is exactly why the herd gets destroyed as they chase the momentum that's already happened, the trade was to be looking for a low in the HUI and and reversal in DUST as some members were.

Not chasing a move that has already happened.

Elliott Wave helps us read through the "noise" and focus on price and patterns.

If you got caught by the market, think of it as a learning experience, as the next time you see this sort of euphoria, take a step back and think about the trade you are taking.

HUI so far has met a measured move target, so what it does from here will have larger implications to suggest if a meaningful low is actually now in place, subsequently it will have an effect on DUST as well.

Staying above 240 of the HUI will be a good sign the bulls mean business and this is the "real deal'.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Market Report: Low in for Gold Stocks?


I have been tracking a potential 5 wave decline in Gold stocks to help me also find a low in Gold

Fridays reversal in both the $HUI and Gold was an encouraging sign for the bulls and whilst its only a 1 day move, it has the potential for something much more.

Off the lows we don't yet have a small 5 wave move, but its encouraging to see a decent reversal, every turn starts out with the not many believing the market has turned, but when i can count a market having made a 5 wave completed sequence, i go into DEFCON mode looking for evidence a potential reversal.

The reason i was holding off suggesting to members to buy Gold and Gold stocks was the lack of evidence of a completed 5 wave decline in the $HUI.

But now we might have some evidence to suggest the trend from the Sept 2012 high (530) is over and a strong counter trend rally is under way, one that could possibly take the $HUI back to the $350 area.

Short term we need to see a small 5 wave advance, followed by a small 3 wave pullback, that will offer traders the chance to get long with limited risk.

So rather that "take a stab" at the low, we have a controlled setup that we want to see before we put $$ to work, whilst many others have been completely wrong footed by this decline.

I have been recommitting to members to stay well away from Gold and Gold stock until we have a completed 5 wave decline in place, we now have some evidence to suggest we could have a strong setup for a trade able move.


If you are aware of the component makeup of the HUI, you will be aware then that Barrick Gold is a large component of the $HUI, in fact its number 2 in the weighting of the HUI, so it pays to watch other stocks and their relative Elliott Wave counts.

The monthly chart of ABC suggests wave [3] of a larger wave C is close if not completed, with the evidence shown last week, there is a strong evidence a low could be in place

With a decent bounce expected on the HUI based on its wave count, that should also align nicely with a bounce to around $20-25 on ABX, before new lows would be expected and finally completing long term patterns.

With Gold stocks probably one of the most hated investment vehicles around and a wave structure that looks complete, it makes for a low risk setup for a decent profitable trade, to those that have waited for the conditions to align.

Its times like these, that the if the conditions dictate, we need to rise in the face of fear and buy when not many are interested, i find the most profitable trades are when i go against the majority of the crowd, that's not to say we just fade the crown at any point, we still need a certain number of things to align.

A i write this, those conditions appear to be in place to offer a low risk setup, with minimum risk, the reward could be a substantial trade if it works out the way i suspect it will.

One day does not confirm a reversal, but we have to start somewhere.

Until next time

Have a profitable week ahead

Sunday, April 28, 2013


I initially wrote about the link between the markets back in Dec 2012.

You can read the article here: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article38090.html

We now have the 250-270 target on the HUI i spoke about in that article, although the decline on Gold is far lower than i initially pencilled in for a low.

The idea was to find a low for the larger X wave decline into the blue support area on the HUI and Gold would follow and put in a low.

Anyone that has followed Gold and the HUI for a while will know that the Gold stocks were leading Gold lower, in fact the HUI topping in my long term target zone back in Sept 2011 was one of the reason i was able to the call a top in Gold back in 2011, so using the HUI again could potentially help find a potential low in Gold.

But that's all in the history i am sure readers want to know what is going on in Gold stocks and Gold.

With the HUI testing important support its vital for both Gold and Gold stocks to find a meaningful low around the 250 area, if not then i feel a test of the 2008 lows are more likely and based on the movements in the HUI and Gold i suspect Gold could see another $200-300 lower and test under $1100-1000.


You can see the link is still very much intact, and the HUI was the weaker market back in the 2008 crash, much like today.


Currently i still feel that the is a chance for the bullish case to make a stand here and whilst it might come back to test the recent lows on Gold and the HUI, i want to see evidence of buyers stepping up and buying Gold around the $1300 area and buying Gold stocks so the HUI will find strong buyers in the blue support area.

Losing the $1300 area on Gold and the support area on the HUI around 250, will then suggest an alt idea i am working and a much more bearish outcome is likely and Gold could be seeing well under $1000 before this move is over.

So the bulls need to step up up now and support the areas on both the HUI and Gold if they don't want to see these markets crash any further.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Market Report: Gold Vs Gold Stocks ($HUI) who is leading who?

The Gold stocks have failed to deliver on my expectations of a move higher and it has caused me to re-think the direction of the yellow metal.

The past few weeks I have suspected that Gold stocks and Gold was a corrective pullback but should have been a shallow pullback, relative to the ideas I was expecting. With the breakdown in the $HUI, it strongly suggests Gold and the Gold stocks could be in some trouble.

HUI versus Gold
Larger Image

When you look at this chart, you can clearly see that the Gold stocks and Gold move well together, but it's when they diverge that it becomes an issue.

The $HUI has been underperforming the price of Gold for a number of weeks, but it's the latest breakdown that should be of concern to the bulls in both markets.

Back in April last year whilst Gold has hovering around the $1650 area, those that were watching the Gold stocks were one clue ahead of the move as it was suggesting that there was an arbitrage between the 2 markets. The same is setting up again, clearly one market is either behind the curve or ahead of it.

Read the rest here: http://www.safehaven.com/article/28082/market-report-gold-vs-gold-stocks-hui-who-is-leading-who

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of HUI

1st target hit, so far a potential daily hammer if this can hold, the target was an obvious area as soon it broke the granite floor, so its important for the Bulls to make their mark, as my next target is 250