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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis Natural Gas

The past weeks reversal i suspect has finally marked an important peak and over the course of the following week ahead i am expecting a significant move lower on NG.

Currently we can label a small 5 wave decline from the last swing high, so a small bounce could be seen the early part of next week, as long as any bounce is a corrective move in 3 waves, that should offer traders the chance to sell this market as i suspect it will set up a 3rd wave which will be a very profitable wave to trade.

The advance over the the past 12 months is a corrective looking move, so argues strongly for the move to be completely retraced over the months ahead.

Target under $3.20

Monday, April 8, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Natural Gas

I have been watching this idea for a few days and waiting for a move higher to finish this potential larger WXY correction idea, this last leg up looks like a 5th wave of wave C of a larger wave [Y].

Although simply put, its a 3 wave movement from $3.14, much similar the prior 3 wave movement from $3.07.

Hence its what we Elliotticians call a WXY correction, from $3.25 i suspect its now in a small 5th wave of C, so as its pushed to a new high its met its minimum objection, although the [Y] =  [W] target has been met as well.

If i am correct about this idea, and i don't see any reason why atm, then we should be very close to a strong reversal and suspect this whole advance from the April 2012 lows gets completely retraced.

But even if the larger idea is wrong, there appears to be a 5 wave advance from $3.25 nearing a conclusion, if you look at the RSI it argues for a 5th wave much like the peak into the wave [W] peak back in Oct 2012.

Ideally a small minor high for a small 5th wave then a strong move under $4.10 is want i want to see

I suspect there are many ways traders could take advantage of a potential reversal in this market, i personally prefer the futures market, although traders could look at options

I personally don't know of any decent ETF, that really moves 1-1 with the price of NG, so i strongly suggest seeking out ways to trade this before you enter any trades

Monday, January 28, 2013

Market Report: Still Waiting

From last week's report, the markets have not done much, other that chop and around, although they did move a little bit higher. My main wave count is still applicable at this time; I don't see anything at this time to concern me, although should the markets go on a tear to the upside I will obviously have to consider my options, but as it stands I still like the idea of a potential reversal setting up.
Is it time to put on the bear suits? Currently the answer is still a no, although the potential is there, the trend is still up and must be respected until we see a breakdown.
I originally targeted the 1480-1500SPX as an area of interest, and we briefly hit the top end of that range, although the idea is not actually invalid until its above 1551SPX, although personally I wouldn't want to see this above 1530SPX, so we still have some room to spare should the market want to squeeze a bit higher first.

Larger Image

You can read the rest here: http://www.safehaven.com/article/28566/market-report-still-waiting

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of Natural Gas

After putting in a potential decade and long term low, we have been tracking this decline from back at 2.55.

As this approaches the target area, we are now in what i call defcon mode, as we can be potentially setting up a strong move higher.

Here is what i wrote back then around 2.55

So we should see more downside over the coming weeks and my best guess is a very sharp and deep correction to get traders all Bearish again, but the decline should remain as a 3 wave decline to around the 786-618 retrace areas.

Fast forward, it appears to have worked well as i suspected it would, but now that we have arrived at my target areas, i am actively looking for evidence to support a strong break higher.

The great thing about this idea, is we know what we want to see, as well as we know where the idea is wrong .

If this is about to put in a secondary low, i think it will surprise many with the next expected direction .

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of Natural Gas

Is there a long term low in place? It sure looks like it

I can count a 5 wave advance from the last swing low, if we get to see a 3 wave decline it could be the "buy of the year" if you can hold on to the trade



You can buy E-minis on NG

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elliott Wave Analysis of Natural Gas

I see a lot has been written about NG (Natural Gas) the past few weeks, although i can understand why, as its at multi year lows, however i kinda think its still got a bit lower to finish this long term idea

If you look closely it appears as a small poss triangle, so a push to the red line area seems possible from here

The Elliott Wave count is a large WXY so should be finishing up very shortly, although this is not your everyday market that moves around aggressively