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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Elliott Wave Analysis of Platinum (PL)

Scanning some charts this weekend i came across this chart and it really struck out

Its a great looking text book 5 wave move,  it has some great fibbo relationships and a good example for any budding Elliott Wave enthusiasts to follow

What is even better is that to some that have access to this market (sadly i dont but i do have Oil and Copper i can trade), there is a great setup

We have a clear 5 wave decline, and i suspect that any 3 wave bounce will be a setup to sell at a later stage in a week or so

Short term it might be a small triangle, although being in a suspected [b] wave, it can and will likely have to be adjusted as [b] waves can take many forms, but the idea is simple

A 5 wave decline from the 6th Feb 2013 highs and now correcting that decline to around the previous 4th waves around $1620-1640 area but in a 3 wave correction.

Once you can isolate a 3 wave move and target where is likely to end then traders can start to look at the sell side for a reversal lower

When you overlay Oil and Copper you can see that from the Feb 2013 highs all 3 markets have decline in unison, so all 3 markets are technically likely to follow each other.

Oil is a bit ahead of Copper, and Platinum is on par with Oil, so over the next week or so the idea is for a push higher before a resumption lower